Welcome to the Art Department

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Art is about expressing yourself creatively in whatever medium you can relate to. Whether that is large scale painting, fashion design or toy making, we have a course for you. We offer trips to places that will help you with your course. Last year's trip was to the Walker Art Gallery to see the Reality exhibition.

Aims of the department:

To provide a broad curriculum that enables students to learn skills that will help them to become independent learners. The art course teaches resilience, problem solving, experimentation, developing ideas, presentation, art language, working as a team, 3D construction skills and most of all originality. We aim to teach the skills that employers are looking for in the work place. Most of all we want our students to enjoy our exciting and challenging projects.

The Art department has been under going some changes in order to make your time at 6th form more enjoyable. We have listened to what you want and have transformed F11 into a 6th form art room.