Key Stage 3

What you will study:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Basic Skills
  • When you start your Art course at Bebington High we will take you through the basics of art, line, tone, pattern, texture, shape and colour. The main focus will be to learn to draw from primary sources. You will be introduced to a range of artists and shown the importance of understanding the artist and giving your own informed opinion. You will explore colour with Howard Hodgkin, texture with Robert Rauschenberg, line and tone with Henry Moore, shape with Henri Matisse and pattern with Roy Lichtenstein.

  • Landscape
  • The Landscape project teaches students how to layer paint and create depth and distance. Students will study an artist chosen by their teacher to inspire their work.

  • Clay Shields/Identity
  • We introduce clay at year 7 in the form of a clay shield. Students will learn about slab work and scoring and slipping to create a shield that represents their family.

  • Natural Forms
  • Students will produce artwork based on natural forms. Drawing from primary source will start the project then the teacher will take you through a range of experimental artwork using lots of mixed media. The teacher will choose the artist to inspire your work.

  • Architecture
  • For this project you will be constructing your own building. You will learn about being an architect and how architects can transform the environment. You will learn transform a 2D design into a 3D form and be inspired by an architect of your choice.

  • Still Life
  • The still life projects takes you right back to basics. Students will be drawing from primary source an exciting large still life arranged by the teacher. They will learn to lay out objects on the paper to form a composition. The final outcome will be a composition inspired by an artist chosen by your teacher.

  • GCSE Ready
  • Students will receive a taster GSCE art course. Students will be marked as GCSE students and this will allow them to make an informed choice when they opt in February. The focus will be on drawing and painting skills but also attitude to learning and attendance. Student will learn that attendance can greatly affect a grade.

  • Turkish delight boxes/Islamic art
  • Students will build on their 3D skills by producing an Islamic art inspired box for sweets in clay. The original idea came from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The queen offers Edmund enchanted Turkish delight in a bejewelled pot. Students will learn to construct in clay and build on the skills learnt in year 7 and 8.

  • Portraiture
  • Students will have a choice of working in 2D or clay. They will learn the proportions of the face and look at expressing emotion through portraiture. The students will be inspired by the teacher's chosen artist.

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