Key Stage 3

Year 7

What you will study:

In year 7 we aim to provide students with the basic skills and love of the subject which has more often than not, been a subject not provided in primary school. To enable us to meet these aims, we provide a broad range of projects that access as many areas of the subject as possible across the year. All of our staff are able to teach across all subject areas at this level meaning students do not have to change teachers for different projects as is often the case in other schools. This also allows teachers to get to know individual students and their unique qualities/skills/needs a lot better and provides the students with a lot more consistency.


    1 - Chocolate Novelty

    Purpose – Health and safety/tools and equipment in the workshop/kitchen, designing, Product analysis, drawing skills, making skills (kitchen and workshop), presentation skills.

    2 - Healthy Soups and Salads

    Purpose – Hygiene and nutrition, practical cookery and food preparation.

    3 - Fiona Rutherford Cushion designs

    Purpose – Designing, practical sewing skills, material studies.

    4 - Protective structures

    Purpose – How structures work, how forces act on structures.

Year 8

What you will study:

In year 8, we attempt to consolidate and build upon the skills and passion developed by students in year 7. We again cover all Design and Technology subject areas but raise the level of skills and knowledge required of students in order to complete the projects. In doing so, students will further develop life skills relevant to theirs' and their families' everyday lives.


    1 - Healthy Sports Diner Menu Design

    Purpose – Product analysis, marketing and advertising, design skills, presentation skills, mechanisms, structures, CAD/CAM.

    2 - Mama's Pasta

    Purpose – Product analysis, marketing and advertising, food hygiene/nutrition and preparation.

    3 - Puggly Dolls

    Purpose – Product analysis, materials, marketing and advertising, sewing skills, sustainability, electronics.

    4 - Traditional Wooden Toy

    Purpose – Practical workshop skills, measurement, presentation.

Year 9

What you will study:

In year 9, we focus more on the subject areas available for students to study at KS4 from year 10 onwards. We use longer projects that are much more like KS4 projects in content and expectation, enabling students to make a much more informed decision when choosing options.


    1 - Designing, Planning & Construction - Liverpool One Kiosk

    Purpose – Design, structures, designing for clients, drawing skills, construction methods, construction materials, model making, CAD.

    2 - Food preparation and Nutrition - Specialist Diets

    Purpose – Nutrition, hygiene, product analysis, food/materials study, analysis, designing for clients, practical food preparation skills.

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