Student Email Log In Details

Every student at Bebington High Sports College has access to an email account that can be used to communicate with both teachers and other students.

Each email account is provided via Office 365 and gives students access to the Microsoft Office software suite. This includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint plus many more. Cloud storage is also provided via Microsoft OneDrive with an amazing 1TB of storage.

In order to access these features, students can log in by clicking on the Office 365 logo and then entering their own personal log in details. These are:-

  • Username:- this is the same as what is used to log in to the computers in school followed by
  • Password:- similar to the username, this is the same password that is used to log in to the computers in school. If you have forgotten your password you should speak to one of the ICT technicians or your Computing & ICT teacher.

Office 365