Welcome to the English Department

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Let me tell you a story. A story of passion, commitment and dedication. A story with a happy ending where every character is supported in their journey. A journey towards a lifelong success…

This is the story of the English Department at Bebington High Sports College and its amazing students. The teaching team comprises 17 dedicated and well qualified staff whose commitment to raising standards in education of the young people can be witnessed every day. It is the aim of the English Department to enable students of all abilities and backgrounds to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens through delivering an inclusive, broad, challenging and balanced English provision across Key Stages 3 - 5.

As a team, we recognise that all students arrive with different strengths and skills. We utilise our passion for the subject in every adventure we undertake: we continually improve the teaching and learning within our department further to secure outstanding outcomes for all students in our care. Our policies safeguard the necessary learning experiences needed for the continuous raising of achievement within the English Department. The schemes of work and assessment practices aim to enable all pupils to progress in every chapter, across the full range of individual target grades. We always support our students in their journey by tracking their progress regularly and scheduling appropriate intervention. We believe that regular Home – School communication is fundamental to our students' success.

Further to academic progress, our homework, intervention and extra-curricular approaches aim to ignite our students' passion for English, to develop their independent study skills and positive habits of learning that will equip them for their futures. We take pride in empowering our students to write their own stories of success.

… Now, we invite you to peruse the chapters in our story. On your journey, you will meet some of our heroes – our amazing students. Are you ready for an adventure?