Key Stage 3

What you will study:

During KS3 your child will be able to study English Language and English Literature to enable them to progress securely into their KS4 programmes of study. Our curriculum aims to support all children to achieve their full potential and to achieve the highest attainment they can in spoken language, reading and writing. We actively promote reading as a valuable activity and we extend their skills through focused reading sessions in the library and Accelerated Reader. To enable them to develop their writing skills, all tasks are focused on purpose, audience and context. To support students we include experiences of shared writing, class writing and individual tasks that promote confidence and self-esteem.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Students will cover all of the topics and texts listed during the course of their two year study at KS4.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 7
  • Fairytales
  • Stormbreaker and Dr No
  • The Tempest
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Poetry
Year 8
  • Narrative Writing
  • Private Peaceful
  • Media
  • Poetry
  • Romeo & Juliet
Year 9
  • Conflict Poetry and Unseen Poetry
  • Gothic Writing
  • Great Expectations
  • Macbeth

Key Stage 3 Assessment

At the beginning of Year 7 students will receive a target for their KS3 attainment. These target grades are based on their KS2 data and their predicted GCSE grades. The target they receive will be within the SEA ranges and students will have clear outcomes that they need to meet in order to achieve their target throughout the year. Copies of the SEA Outcome grids are available online.

These target grades are then recorded inside the front covers of their exercise books; at the beginning of a new scheme of work students are required to set themselves two new attainment targets based on prior learning and teacher feedback. All students should know the grades they aspire to and SMART targets to improve their individual attainment at KS3. Students' reports will provide feedback on students' progress towards those targets.

Students are continually assessed and monitored by their classroom teachers and their progress is tracked regularly. Assessment takes place continually and in a range of formats; students will complete a range of summative and formative assessments over the duration of courses. In all year groups, they will complete End of Year examinations which will help them to prepare for the examination environment, expectations of exam papers and working in timed conditions.

The marking of assessment tasks and examinations are moderated by the members of the department in-line with guidance from our Key Stage 3 Assessment grids. All teachers have to record their marks on the KS3 tracking sheet; students' progressed is tracked across the year groups to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Students of all abilities who are at risk of underachieving may be placed into an intervention group to support their progress.

Key Stage 3 Homework

How often is homework set? What types of homework tasks are set? How does homework consolidate learning?
Homework for KS3 is focused around 3 core tasks that are set over a two week period.
  • 1 x Reading – students are encouraged to read for pleasure at home. This will be monitored by their class teacher through reading logs, reviews and the Accelerated Reader Programme.
  • 1 x Literacy Improvement Task - this will focus on the specific needs of the class.
  • 1 x Slot based task – this will be linked to the scheme of work and will consolidate their learning from that week. It may also be a task that is set in preparation for their next lesson.

    Homework is very important in English; it will help students to become more confident learners by developing key skills within the subject.

    At KS3 the purpose of homework is to:

  • help students to find time and develop their love of reading outside of lessons;
  • help students to build confidence in their writing skills;
  • help students to develop proof-reading skills which will be crucial to progress across all subjects and in preparation for GCSEs.

Key Stage 3 Revision

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KS3 End of Year Exam Revision


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Language and Structural Key terms for KS3