Literacy Statement

Throughout the school, we are making it our mission to create a culture in which reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking serve as the foundation for life-long learning. Our Literacy Policy inhibits this mission and our objective is to ensure that all of our students incorporate these skills throughout the curriculum and in turn, create confident and independent learners of literacy.

What is Literacy?

Literacy is the teaching and learning of the fundamental skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking. These are all areas in which we strive for every student to master and so a literacy focus is heavily embedded into their school life.

Literacy across the Curriculum

Literacy begins in the classroom. Here, staff are regularly nurturing literacy skills through the teaching and learning that takes place within the classroom. The English department have assigned every student with a 'Literacy Target' and this is reinforced across the curriculum through regular marking, feedback, questioning and classroom activities.

This literacy focus is reviewed and assessed at the end of every half-term to ensure students are supported further within this area or to determine whether students need further challenge with another aspect of literacy.

Literacy skills and the understanding of these aspects are implemented further through literacy activities. These are tailored for each year group to reinforce their 'Literacy Target' and allowing students to further their knowledge of their selected area.

Fostering Reading across the School

Reading is paramount to our 'Literacy Policy' and the importance of reading is evident around our school with the various incentives that we have incorporated to ensure students gain a passion and an enjoyment for reading. To develop this skill we have introduced the following strategies:

  • DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) sessions whereby all form groups are allocated a 'book box' and spend at least one morning reading with their form tutor.
  • The Accelerated Reader Programme which regularly monitors the students' reading skills to ensure they are given texts that will suit their individual needs whilst nurturing these skills to ensure they progress and develop into avid readers.
  • The Reading Mentor Programme is a scheme that combines our sixth form students with younger pupils and during regular, weekly meetings they develop and nurture their reading skills to ensure students develop into mature readers.

Supporting Progress

Our students are fully supported to ensure they develop these vital literacy skills and this is encouraged further through a range of outlets:

  • Literacy resources are available throughout lessons, in the form of sentence starters, literacy mats and punctuation pyramids which are also evident through classroom displays.
  • Extension tasks and activities are readily available for students to complete or access at their leisure through the school website which allow students to enhance their literacy skills further.
  • - Intervention and support is offered to students in the form of additional lesson time, whereby students are given material that focuses solely on any areas they are struggling with to ensure they understand or improve on specific aspects of literacy.
  • Reading is nurtured through extra -curricular activities, such as 'The Lunch Bunch Book Club' which aspires to see all students challenge themselves with various texts that are studied at GCSE level.