Key Stage 3

Geography at Bebington is exciting and interesting. We study a range of topics about the world and its' people. Here is an overview of the topics studied:

In Year 7 we explore the world. We look at tourist destinations and learn about what challenges are faced by tourist resorts. We learn to read maps and we carry out fieldwork outside of the classroom. We investigate and explore tourist resorts and learn about our own country.

In Year 8 we study deserts and Impossible Places. We explore areas which face challenges such as extreme climates or pollution. We solve mysteries and investigate how people live in extreme areas.

In Year 9 we shift our focus to a range of human issues such as mapping crime and deviance and we carry out real police investigations using live data. We also prepare for GCSE at Years 10 11 which studies topics such as volcanoes and world development.

Geography is about doing, learning, discussing, investigating and exploring! We love it!