Key Stage 3

What you will study:

KS3 Provision

All pupils are taught Spanish from Year 7 onwards and have two hours a week on their timetable. We use Mira Express 1 and 2 which comes with its own interactive course. Pupils are set a learning task every week and assessments occur at the end of each 8 week unit.

Year 7

  1. Vamos - Let's Go
  2. En el instituto – In School
  3. Mi familia – My Family
  4. En casa – At Home

Year 8

  1. El tiempo libre – My Free Time
  2. En la ciudad – In the City
  3. Mi vida – My Life
  4. Diviertate – Have Fun

Year 9

  1. Mis Vacaciones – My Holidays
  2. La comida – Food
  3. De moda – In Fashion
  4. La salud – Health
  5. De vacaciones – On Holiday


Students will be assessed at the end of each unit of work to monitor progress and identify areas that require future development.

Extra Curricular

We provide homework club for our KS3 pupils in classrooms where staff and resources are available. Younger pupils are also encouraged to compete in the inter form Spanish Spelling Bee.