Key Stage 4

Pupils will continue to study Spanish to GCSE level and will sit 4 examinations at the end of Year 11. The examinations are spread across the four equally weighted skills-Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We use Viva, which also comes with its own interactive course.

What you will study:

  1. Las vacaciones - Holidays
  2. En el insti - School Life
  3. Mi gente - Relationships
  4. Intereses - Free time
  5. Mi region - My Area
  6. A comer - Food and Drink
  7. Trabajos - Study and Employment
  8. Un mundo mejor - Global Issues


Students will be assessed at the end of each unit of work to monitor progress and identify areas that require future development.

Extra Curricular

Pupils in KS4 are expected to attend intervention classes after school.