Key Stage 3

What you will study:

The music department here at Bebington High strives to find activities which will stimulate interest, enjoyment and participation in music within the classroom but also encourages extended learning beyond the classroom and lifelong learning once the pupils have move on from Bebington High School.

Through our curriculum we hope that students will:

  • Learn to enjoy listening, performing and creating a wide choice of music from musical history and from around the world.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the impact of musical styles on the music of today.
  • Develop a confidence in a musical ability to show expression and feelings.
  • Learn to work independently and in ensembles to create music of a high standard.
  • Develop the skills to enable them to be able to perform, write and understand music with a greater confidence outside of the music department.

Year 7

  1. Transition Unit & The Elements of Music
  2. Using a range of instruments to create a 'Space' theme piece of music

  3. Rhythm & Communication
  4. Creating and performing polyrhythmic work using djembe drums

  5. Pitch & Staff Notation
  6. Learning to read staff notation and playing melodies on the keyboard

Year 8

  1. Film Music
  2. Creating a soundtrack for a short animation

  3. Ukulele Pop Songs
  4. Learning to play a 4 chord pop song on the ukulele

  5. The Blues
  6. Improvising riffs and creating a 12-bar blues song about slavery

Year 9

  1. Reggae
  2. Performing popular Bob Marley reggae songs using keyboards, ukuleles and percussion

  3. Rock Guitar Riffs
  4. Learning to read TABs and play well-known rock riffs on the guitar

  5. Musical Futures
  6. Working a small ensemble to produce a cover version of a popular song using all band instruments