Key Stage 4


What you will study:

This option is suitable for those students who play a musical instrument or are good singers. The course covers the traditional areas of Music Listening and Appreciation, Composing and Performing through the OCR Syllabus.

This course comprises of 60% coursework and 40% Listening exam.


  • Two Performances - One Solo/One Group
  • Two Compositions - Any style of music and instrument
  • Two Short Logs - Which document the development of skills


  • AoS 2 – The Concerto through Time
  • AoS 3 – Rhythms of the World
  • AoS 4 – Film Music

BTEC First Award in Music

What you will study:

The option is suitable for those pupils who are interested in music and recording/sound equipment. It is not necessary to play a musical instrument for this option but if a student does have practical ability on an instrument there are performing and composing units of work to follow. The main focus of the course is the music industry and the practical uses of equipment within the music industry. It is the perfect gateway to further study and employment in the music industry for sound technicians, performers or those who wish to follow a career in the production aspect of music.