Glastonbury Schools Project

  • 12th June 2017

Bebington High Sports College are one of a select group of schools chosen to submit banners for Oxfam's enclosure at the Glastonbury Music Festival this year.

Our schools banner was created by a group of students who make up our 'Oxfam' team'. The students are supporting Oxfam's 'Stand As One' festival campaign and it has become something very personal to the students. Since April the school has been running the Future Youth Schools Forum, a Europe wide forum which is dedicated at looking at the issues around the topic of Forced Migration and Refugees. This touches many of the students' lives and their reasons for getting involved with the Forum are displayed onto the banner.

The banner was exhibited in the atrium at Oxfam House last week along with banners from other schools and looked absolutely amazing. We have lots of feedback to say how moving and inspirational the banners looked together.

The young people have done some fantastic work to help make a difference. "Their honesty and passion speak volumes about their commitment to making our world a fairer place, to recognising the plight of those forced from their homes and to seeking social justice for the poor and displaced of our world."

These banners have now been packed and are on their way to the Glastonbury festival to be arranged around the Oxfam Enclosure.

You can follow the Oxfam campaign on twitter #StandAsOne

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