Safer Internet Day 2018

1st February 2018

To mark National Safer Internet Day ( we are delighted to have welcomed the Brook Advisory Service into school to promote online safety.

Keeping up to date with what your children are doing online can seem daunting. Technology is constantly advancing and sometimes parents feel that their children know more about the internet than they do.

Whatever their age, it is vital that you know what they might be doing online. Please click this link for some superb guidance from 'Internet Matters.' This will give you some simple, practical and easy advice on the steps you can take as a parent to keep your children as safe as possible.

Please be aware that whilst the school will continue to be vigilant in helping students to use the Internet safely it is the responsibility of our whole community to act appropriately with regards to safe Internet use.

Please follow this link to our e-safety page to find out more; including who to contact if you are concerned for your child's safety.

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