Remembrance Assembly

  • 10th November 2016

During 'Remembrance Assembly' Mr Cooper and Mr John Phipps, of 'D-Day Revisited', explained to students the effects of the war and the reasons that we wear poppies today. WW2 Veteran, Mr John Dennett, then gave his own personal experience of the war and paid special tribute to student Nathan for his courage through adversity.

On behalf of the Royal British Legion and the 22nd Special Air Service (Hereford), Mr Dennett then presented Nathan with the coveted SAS Beret; only awarded to the elite of British Special Forces and known throughout the world as a symbol of excellence. Nathan was honoured with this tribute for tremendous dignity displayed during his long illness and his steadfast determination to overcome adversity and continue to battle on the Victory.

Nathan Mottrom has just turned 13 and in his short life had over 23 operations. He has Klippel Feil Syndrome with major medical conditions that affect his spine but he is such a character and so full of lifeā€¦ A real solider!

Nathan has always wanted to join the cadets but it is impossible due to his medical conditions. However, the British Legion and Special Air Service stated that Nathan had displayed the same attributes it takes to earn the title of SAS Trooper and to wear the famous SAS sand coloured beret. They felt that it was a fitting time of remembrance for him to receive the award in front of his family, teachers and peer group.

We really enjoyed celebrating this with Nathan and glad he received the credit he deserved within the community.

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