Imperial War Museum

  • 11th February 2017

Year 9 History students enjoyed a visit to the Imperial War Museum (North) to explore the history of warfare and enhance their knowledge about how the human race does not seem to learn any lessons about avoiding it.

Students went on a tour around the museum and visited each section before attending an interactive session.

The architecture of the building is striking (I believe it is meant to represent a shattered globe) and can be view from above by climbing the stairs in the viewing tower. Inside the main exhibition is a chronological study with 'silos' scattered around focusing on different themes of war, which is perfect for students studying history as it shows a distinction between chronological and thematic approach.

There was a section on the First World War, second world war, and the cold war. Students were able to see lots of artefacts including uniforms & relics from different era's

The museum looks at 20th century wars with a focus on the impact they have on people. It uses a mixture of traditional exhibits and modern technology to show the last 100 years of war from WW1 up to the modern conflicts of today and the exhibits are well displayed chronologically with plenty of information and interactive displays .

The most interesting and arresting part was the hourly 360 degree presentation when the lights of the museum were dimmed and photographs were projected onto walls with a voice over. The films were moving and show the real cost of war and about the soldiers that did not return home.

Outside, students were able to see a real tank and a Harrier Jet which were on display. It was a fabulous day for the students who behaved impeccably.

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