English Writing Competition

  • 18th November 2016

With over 150 entries, the enthusiasm towards this term's writing competition has been amazing. Reflections on the theme of 'War' have been demonstrated by all of our entrants in raw, emotive detail. Merging historical facts with writing talent, the entries showed reflections on politics, camaraderie, and love.

We have been incredibly impressed with the writing talent in this school, and look forward to reading more in future writing competitions.

Our winners were: 1st place – Callum Gandy, Year 9, 2nd place – Owen Hurst, Year 8 and 3rd place – Jonathan Greenblatt, Year 8.

A special mention also goes to Paige Smith in Year 7 who produced a beautiful piece of artwork for the competition, which will be put on display.

An anthology includes the top 20 entries from our 'War' themed competition will be available to read on our school website soon. We hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you and very well done to each and every pupil who submitted an entry into the competition.

Lest we forget.


Adobe PDF

War - An Anthology of Poetry & Short Stories


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