Pastoral Care

Within our School, we aim to create a harmonious and industrious environment which supports pupils in fulfilling their academic potential.

The progress, happiness and well-being of our pupils are of paramount importance. Considerable emphasis is placed on the provision of pastoral support. The Pastoral Team is led and managed by dedicated members of the Senior Leadership Team. Pastoral care is delivered through a Year system. Each Year has an Achievement Manager, and a team of Form Tutors who provide support and guidance, based on a firm foundation of mutual respect and tolerance.

The School has a comprehensive system of rewards and sanctions which help to meet these aims. Every Year has its own Council, with each Year electing two representatives to the School Council, thus providing pupils with a voice in School affairs.

  • Head of Pastoral: - Mrs Deans
  • Year 7: - Mrs Ellerington
  • Year 8: - Miss Sleeth
  • Year 9: - Mrs Payne
  • Year 10: - Mr Cooper
  • Year 11: - Mrs Hayes
  • POST 16 TEAM:
  • Head of 6th Form: - Mr Johns
  • Deputy Head of 6th Form: - Mr Ridd