Primary School Partnership

Primary Outreach – "At The Heart Of Our Primary Community"

We believe that sport and physical activity has the power to change and enrich lives for the better. We believe that physical fitness, mental well-being and the development of social skills are key components in developing successful and happy young people. Our journey to lifelong participation starts at home and in primary school. We are hugely committed to developing sport and physical activity in our primary schools and community at large.

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Primary Partnership

Project: Primary Outreach Work

Bebington High Sports College deliver a high quality teaching and learning package which includes delivery, staff training, audit, quality assurance, OHL and competition. Each school has a bespoke support programme based on the audit and areas of strength and need. It is testament to the quality of support that we have added schools in each year since the demise of the SSCO programme. We provide a service which is a model of best practice and aims to develop schools to become self-sufficient in the long term with staff empowered and up-skilled in terms of delivery and understanding.

We currently work with nine partner primary schools. Our own, highly skilled and well qualified staff deliver lessons and CPD for up to 6 hours in some schools. Primary school staff are supported through a combination of joint planning, team-teaching, observation, joint assessment, monitoring and evaluation. The over-riding purpose of the PESS programme is to raise standards in teaching and learning within primary Physical Education. We feel this will have a significant impact over the coming years on all aspects of sport and PE. We pride ourselves on the work we do in our primary schools and have established Service Level agreements to ensure the highest levels of service and professional standards. Our partners buy our services on a release model which is cost neutral to us. This is an expanding area for Bebington High with the "wrap around" high quality provision that coaching firms or other schools cannot offer.

How Does it Work?

Bebington High Sports College's Specialism Team provide an all-year-round programme of support for our nine primary schools covering the following areas:

Aspect How is this delivered? What are the outcomes?
Comprehensive Audit of PE and OHL. KB Completes full audit of current position in school with PE Co-ordinator and Headteacher using R.A.G. system. Full audit of … questions which provide the basis of PE and School Sport development plan which is reviewed twice yearly.
Continued Professional Development. The nature of our teaching and learning support is decided in consultation with the PE Coordinator and Head Teacher of the primary school (e.g. gymnastics at KS1). The Teaching and Learning Support programme (below) is then delivered featuring the following CPD methods to improve the teaching practice of the primary staff: Joint planning, observation, team teaching, small-group teaching and whole class teaching. Primary PE staff have improved confidence in their teaching practice in PE. The quality of their lessons improves The range of activities taught within PE lessons increases. Students experience a greater variety of activities in PE. More students participate in OSHL and inter-school competition.
Teaching and Learning Support. Built into the programme of CPD above each of our 4 link primary schools receives a minimum of 30 hours of specialist PE teaching delivered by a fully qualified specialist PE teacher within the school year in a variety of activities linked to the School Games. Students experience a greater variety of activities in PE. More students participate in OSHL and inter-school competition. The primary school engages in additional support such as School Games L2 activities and School-Community Link Events.
Quality Assurance Procedures. Programme Manager from BHSC works alongside PE Co-ordinator and Headteacher to ensure rigour and clear understanding of High Quality PE and of how inspection in the subject and in relation to PE Pupil Funding works. Joint observations and video analysis. Schools able to understand own areas of strength and to develop. Enhanced confidence in judgements made at school level being valid.
Out of School Hours Learning Support. Each of our 12 Primary schools receive a minimum of 30 hours of specialist OSHL coaching throughout the school year delivered by the team of coaches employed by BHSC. The support centres on those activities linked to the School Games which the schools would otherwise find difficult to offer (boxing skills, girls football, tennis, tri-golf, athletics). Approximately 2000 young people each year from within our primary school communities experience high quality OSHL on their own school site. Schools have the knowledge and confidence to engage in School Games L2 opportunities.
Inter-School Competition (School Games L2). BHSC staff, supported by young leaders and Young Ambassadors provide 5 School Games L2 (inter) competitions within the school year and a 'School Games Week' in June for ALL pupils in all link primary schools. Each of the primary schools attends each of the competitions Approximately 3000 young people from within BHSC linked primary schools experience L2 competitive school sport either through the sport-specific competitions or through the innovative sports day programme.
School – Community Sport. 25-30 local sports clubs deliver sessions to students aged 8-13 from within BHSC and surrounding primary schools in 'twilight' sessions throughout the year. Approximately 1000 young people experience sport delivered by a club coach on school site 20% of participants attend community sport opportunities following the introduction at club night. Sessions are supported by young leaders leading to community volunteering opportunities at club / community sites.
Holiday Sport Provision. 4 Multi-Sports Camps delivered throughout the year during school holiday time, complementing the community sport work (above) and providing a further opportunity for youngsters to choose sport 'for life' by engagement in a variety of activities. Approximately 300 youngsters attend camps for 2-4 days. Students experience sports for a greater period of time than they would otherwise be afforded through Physical Education and OSHL A further 20% of young people engaged go on to join established community sports clubs.
Primary Sports Apprentice. Appointed 6 apprentices to support learning, community sport, OSHL and other areas of the primary curriculum in local primary schools. - Improved provision in primary school.
- Each apprentice delivers a minimum of 5 clubs per week attended by up to 100 young people.
- Support for High Quality Teaching and Learning in PE.
- Literacy and numeracy support.
- Positive role-models.