Student Revision Material

GCSEPod has developed hugely since its beginnings in 2010 as an independent learning and revision tool. This evolution has been catalysed by the changing pressures facing schools: time-strapped teachers, slashed budgets, tougher linear examinations and higher expectations. Not only has GCSEPod adapted to changes in the UK, it has expanded into 30 countries.

  • Over 6,000 audio-visual Pods
  • Watch on mobile devices, tablets and PCs
  • Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge you need for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks

Student Walkthrough

Student Login Instructions

  1. Go to and click login
  2. Enter your username, this is the same as your network login Then enter your password, this is Student1
  3. Click the 'Login' button


Every student at Bebington High Sports College can access online resources for each subject.

They are located on OneDrive.

In order to access these features, students can log in by clicking on the OneDrive logo and then entering their own personal log in details. These have been shared with the students, however, if they have forgotten their username and/or their password, they should contact an ICT technician.

Revision Support Guidance

Revision can be seen as 're-vision' – a way of re-viewing, re-seeing, and re-visiting your learning, in preparation for assessment. The process of revision involves revisiting, but the best revision also involves re-seeing facts in a different way, to consolidate and contextualise learning.

Below are a number of links on how to best support revision.