School Uniform

  • The blazer remains the same but the school badge no longer has 'Quality Education for All' embroidered beneath it – pupils may still wear the current blazer until it no longer fits, when we would ask you to purchase the new version.
  • Boys' shirts remain the same but we have introduced a clip on tie in the same tartan material 'Oakleigh' as the girls' new pinafores/skirts.
  • The girls have all been consulted on the colour choice for the new pinafores/kilts and we have decided that girls in Y7-11 will now wear either a pinafore or kilt in the 'Oakleigh' tartan. Please note, as stated above, they may continue to wear the black and white kilts until they no longer fit.
  • The girls will not be required to wear a tie but they must have 'revere' blouses (see attached photographs). These can be purchased in major supermarkets or from our suppliers.
  • Boys will continue to wear black trousers (see attached photograph)
  • Plain black footwear with no other colours or motifs.
  • The school PE kit will remain the same. (Must include the new logo)
  • The school 6th Form uniform remains the same.

We have decided to allow the pupils to purchase their own black bags for school. The price of the Bebington High Sports College bag was £25.50, so I hope you can make a saving on this, providing pupils do not pressurise you into buying expensive designer bags! I would not recommend this as bags do get lost or damaged.

We have also decided not to ask you to buy the PE bags with the school logo. These were £8.50 each, and without the logo they are £3. Hopefully another saving!

The uniform supplier has been chosen as it is considerably less expensive than the previous suppliers. Costings are attached.

School Uniform Suppliers